fth [fɪfθ] col·umn (klm)
: a group of secret sympathizers or supporters of an enemy that engage in espionage or sabotage within defense lines or national borders.
—fifth col·um·nism, n.
—fifth col·um·nist, n.

col·umn (klm)
1. architecture
2. printing

IIIII Columns is framework to develop & distribute
expanded notions of architectural thought & practice
beyond venerations of novelty, order & power. It is about
discourse, current course & collaboration, so say hello.

IIIII Columns is a project by Melissa J. Frost.

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Brandon Joyce's A Possibility Analysis philosophizes on the poetics and possibilistics of Home Depot. Leaping from Lefebvre's Production of Space, it is a production of that space which it explores, the wide aisles that both differentiate and blend the engineer and bricoleur. There is no guide more suitable than Joyce, a prestigious academic, an esteemed alumni of DIY warehouse culture and respected co-founder of the Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study and the South Philadelphia Athenaeum.

text Brandon Joyce
design Melissa Frost
Durham, NC.
32 p. 5½ x 7½ in. Edition of 150.